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Lab - 7.8 kb EuroBioBank’s involvement in the TREAT-NMD project : first year update (2007).
After one year as part of the European Network of Excellence TREAT-NMD “Rare inherited neuromuscular diseases: from molecular basis to cutting edge therapies”(6th Framework Programme, 4th Call), what has EuroBioBank ( European Network of DNA, Cell and Tissue Banks for Rare Disease Research) achieved through this stimulating collaboration?

Composed of 12 biobanks from 7 EU countries and coordinated by EURORDIS, the EuroBioBank network forms the basis of the biobanking activities within TREAT-NMD and is responsible for WP04.1 “Develop and Manage Supranational Biobanks”. Given its unique experience as a network dedicated to the collection, processing, storage and distribution of human biomaterials for rare disease research in Europe and also as most of the EuroBioBank banks primarily deal with rare neuromuscular biomaterials, the EuroBioBank network is a key partner in TREAT-NMD.

Achievements of the EuroBioBank Network during the first year of TREAT-NMD:

  • An indicator of the dynamism of the network’s biobanking activities is the number of human biomaterials exchanged. In 2007, approximately 3,600 neuromuscular disease samples were collected and 4,500 distributed to research groups in 22 EU and non-EU countries. This resulted in 16 peer-reviewed publications acknowledging EuroBioBank (see > publications and documents)
  • An annual meeting for the EuroBioBank network and TREAT-NMD partners was organised by EURORDIS to allow input from partners on neuromuscular sample collection and availability, as well as identification of new target areas.
  • A new brochure was created and distributed to the TREAT-NMD partners and the scientific community to inform them about the human biomaterials and services available via the EuroBioBank network. The new brochure can be downloaded here.
  • Specialised trainings in muscle cell cultures were organised for TREAT-NMD partners at the Friedrich-Baur Institut/MTCC in Munich, Germany, member of EuroBioBank.

Microscope - 6.4 kbTREAT-NMD first year update
TREAT-NMD has now been running for just over a year and much has been achieved in key areas during 2007. From the enormous progress that has been made in the global patient registries initiative to the standard operating procedures being established for a number of animal models, the international consensus being reached in standards of patient care for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), and the steps the network is taking towards trial readiness across Europe, the network has made significant progress towards its goal of improving research collaboration and advancing care across Europe for patients affected by neuromuscular diseases.

Read more on the TREAT-NMD website:

For more information about the EuroBioBank activities:

Anne-Mary Bodin
EuroBioBank Project Assistant

Plateforme Maladies Rares
102, rue Didot
75014 PARIS
tel: + 33 1
fax: + 33 1

Authors: Fabrizia Bignami & Anne-Mary Bodin
Photos credits : lab © Linda Badner/Morgue File; microscope © Michael Connors; test tubes © Clara Natoli

The EuroBioBank project has been made possible thanks to the generous funding of the European Commission Rare Disease Programme.
European Commission Rare Disease Programme